More is not better when it comes to taxes! Some members of the D.C. City Council want to add more taxes to the backs of hardworking DC residents. Recently, talk of both a beverage tax and a container tax has come up and we can’t afford either one. We already pay a 6 percent sales tax on our favorite beverages – on top of a bag tax, sales tax, gas tax and even a phone tax. It’s time to tell our City Council members that we can’t afford to pay more for sodas, teas, juice drinks and sports drinks.

These taxes will drive up grocery prices in our neighborhood stores and corner markets. They could also impact the fountain drinks at our local restaurants!

No D.C. Beverage Tax is a coalition of concerned citizens, businesses, unions and community organizations that oppose any new taxes, including new container taxes, on non-alcoholic beverages like sodas, teas, juice drinks and sports drinks. The government is getting too big and too involved in our lives. The D.C. City Council needs to get rid of their bad spending habits and leave our grocery budgets alone. They are trying to tell us what to eat or drink by taxing us. But taxes don’t make people healthier.

Join us today to stop D.C. from adding more beverage taxes that we can’t afford. Click here to sign our petition.


Government Shouldn’t Tell Us What to Do

The government is big enough as it is, and trying to get too involved in our lives. They shouldn’t be telling us what to eat or drink by taxing common grocery items. Government should trim their own wasteful spending and leave our grocery budgets alone.

Taxes Won’t Make People Healthier

Taxes will not teach children how to live a healthy lifestyle. Parents, teachers, and caring people in our communities raise healthy children by promoting exercise and balanced diets. Educating us to make smarter decisions and taking responsibility for our health and our kids’ health is what we should focus on.

Now is Not the Time for New Taxes

In these rough economic times, D.C. families are already struggling to make ends meet. We can’t afford any new taxes on top of our other rising expenses. Higher prices at the grocery store are the last thing we need. There could not be a worse time to ask hard-working D.C. families to pay more for their groceries. The D.C. City Council needs to find a way to get control of their own spending habits without piling on more taxes.

Taxing Beverages Will Negatively Impact Jobs

More taxes will drive customers away from local District businesses into surrounding Virginia and Maryland suburbs to do their shopping, negatively impacting grocery and convenience store owners and their employees.

With an unemployment rate of almost 10 percent, this is not the time to put good-paying beverage and related industry jobs at risk.

Beverage and Container Taxes are Discriminatory and Regressive

Singling out certain items for additional taxation is not the way for the District to balance its budget. Taxing grocery items like beverages has the greatest impact on those who can least afford it – hard-working, low- and middle-income families, elderly residents and those living on fixed incomes.

We Already Pay Enough in Taxes

Hardworking DC residents are already strapped with excess taxes including the gas, phone, bag and sales taxes. New beverage and container taxes will raise prices at a time that we can’t afford it.

Sign the petition. Join us today and tell the D.C. City Council to reject any new taxes on beverages.